Air dates: July 7, 2006-August 9, 2006
Stars: Matt Walsh, Zach Galifianakis, A.D. Miles, Andrea Savage

When The Hangover premiered in June 2009 and broke box office records, casual viewers wondered where the hell this Zach Galifianakis dude came from—how could a comedic actor as uniquely bizarre as the guy who played Wolfpack organizer Alan come out of nowhere so quickly? Well, he didn't. Long before The Hangover, Galifianakis was working the stand-up circuit like any other struggling humorist, and in 2006, he scored what could've been his initial breakthrough role.

Unfortunately, Comedy Central's Dog Bites Man only lasted one season, but those nine episodes sure made us laugh. Along with his equally proficient co-stars Matt Walsh (currently seen on HBO's Veep, A.D. Miles (the head writer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), and Andrea Savage (a Groundlings veteran who's since appeared on shows like Party Down and Two and a Half Men), Galifianakis satirized local news stations by covering low-level happenings around Spokane, Washington.

Dog Bites Man was at its best, though, whenever the foursome fooled real people into thinking they were a legitimate news team—think the funniest man-on-the-street moments from The Tom Green Show, but much funnier.