1. Playseat SV

The Playseat is your home gaming command center. The leather throne is fitted with speakers and vibration technology so you can actually feel the in-game explosions. There’s also a footrest to hold a variety of driving game pedals, and a plate to hold most steering wheels, fighting sticks, and keyboards. $700, playseatamerica.com

2. Nyko Akedo Pro

What sets the Akedo Pro fighting stick apart from the rest is that lefties won’t feel left out: The controller can be reconfigured to match your playing style and handedness. There are also programmable buttons for macros and, for fighting game elitists, Sanwabuttons to justify the price tag. For now, the Akedo Pro is exclusively for PS3. $80, nyko.com

3. Razer Deathstalker Ultimate

This keyboard boasts alternate color backlit, chiclet keys, 10 dynamic display keys, and a 4.05" touch screen that runs a number of apps including a web browser. Pair the Deathstalker with Razer’s new Ouroboros wireless gaming mouse for $30, and you’ve got a setup that will make haters out of the meek. $250, razerzone.com

4. Astro A50

Late night gaming quickies are fun, but not when you wake your partner with the sounds of heavy gunfire. Astro’s A50 wireless headset keeps you in the thick of the action with 7.1 surround sound and multi-platform compatibility. And while you’re blasting away, your crib will stay as quiet as Cleveland after last year’s NBA Finals. $300, astrogaming.com

5. Simraceway SRW-S1

For some, the realistic experience of driver-simulation games is serious business. Designed after an actual F1 wheel, the SRW-S1 may be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t take long for all the weird knobs and buttons to make sense. Although it only works with PCs, the SRW-S1 makes almost every driving game better. $20, steelseries.com

this story appears in complex's december 2012 / january 2013 issue

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