Natural Selection 2

Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Platforms: PC

Release Date: October 30, 2012 

Plenty of other games have tried mashing together the FPS and RTS genres in the past to middling success, but the sequel to the popular Source Engine mod, Natural Selection 2, does it with such grace and ease you'll wonder why it's so difficult to get right. 

As if blending to incongruous genres together wasn't enough, Natural Selection 2 also features a whole whack of awesome alien grotesquerie. Stealing motifs from movies like Alien and creature types from Starcraft's Zerg, this man versus mutant battle is downright fun to engross yourself in.

The coolest part about it all though is the role of the commanders who can set objectives for players and control where valuable structures get built. It's a game that really does require good communication (and a working mic) to be fun,b ut when it works, boy does it work.