There is no doubt that Skyfall is one of the best James Bond movies to ever hit theaters, and now the film has the box office crown to prove it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Skyfall has beat out Avatar to become the top-grossing picture in the history of the U.K. box office. The site is reporting that the movie recently reached £94.3 million ($151.8 million) after 40 days in the cinema. This narrowly beat out Avatar’s £94 million ($151.3 million) total, but you can expect Skyfall to stay in theaters a little while longer to distance itself even further.

In regards to this accomplishment, Sony Pictures Releasing U.K. managing director Peter Taylor said, "It seems particularly fitting in 2012 that the latest James Bond adventure should become the highest grossing movie ever marking the fiftieth anniversary of one of our truly iconic cultural characters in record breaking style."

After the blockbuster success of Skyfall, the 007 franchise has reestablished itself as the premier property in cinema. And with another installment set to hit theaters in 2014, perhaps we can expect this box office record to fall yet again.

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