Divorces can get nasty, but one Long Island man literally went to disgusting extremes to show his disdain for his ex-wife. The New York Post reports that 51-year-old Gerald Desiderio sent his ex-wife several alimony checks "smeared with feces," as well as "harassing and vulgar notes" and "tasteless objects" such as a photo of a knife with a serrated blade. Wiping your ass with money has never seemed more spiteful.

Desiderio also reportedly sent his ex-wife disturbing images such as a "sketch of a woman in a straitjacket [and] pictures of people engaged in sexual acts." Authorities confirmed that that alimony checks were covered in feces after test results returned with "numerous hits for organic substances that contained proteins and active biological ingredients."

His ex-wife claims that she was forced to move to Arizona because she was concerned about her safety.  Desiderio was charged with sending hazardous materials through the US Mail, obstructing the mail, and interstate stalking.

[via Gothamist]