The LA Game Space Kickstarter aims to build a space in LA where games will be played, studied, discussed, watched, created, and most of all, celebrated. And the project just reached its goal of $250,000, which should fund the space for a full year.

LA Game Space will be host to talks and events, parties, exhibits, and artist and developer residencies where creators from multiple disciplines will come together to see what types of games they can muster up.

It's a great idea, but fans who donated to the Kickstarter also received a much more immediate reward: 30 brand new indie games from the creators of Hotline Miami, the Unfinished Swan, and even Adventure Time, plus tons more. Donating a mere $15 will get you all those plus an indie games classics pack and another game from the creators of Katamari Damacy and Canabalt.

And don't worry—you've still got two days left to help fund LA Game Space and get access to all those games. Does LA Game Space sound like a good idea to you?