Forget the two abysmal Fantastic Four movies that 20th Century Fox pumped out a few years ago because the studio is rebooting the whole franchise with director Josh Trank (Chronicle) at the helm. And according to Exhibitor Relations, this new Fantastic Four movie will come out on March 6, 2015. With former Fantastic Four comic book writer, Mark Millar, signed on as a creative consultant for the film, Fox is hoping this new take on the popular Marvel property will be enough to compete with the other superhero movies out there.

But the movie will be facing some intense competition as 2015 is also the year that Avengers 2, Justice League, and Star Wars: Episode VII will be hitting theaters as well. The good news for Fox is that Fantastic Four will be the first of these blockbusters out of the gate, so perhaps it could satisfy people’s superhero needs before the inevitable fatigue sets in.

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[Exhibitor Relations via The Playlist]