Warner Bros. threw a slightly unusual launch party at LA's iam8bit gallery, previously home to celebrations of Street Fighter and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, last night.

It was only unusual in how low-key it was; there were no pinata bonus rounds or loud DJs. Only snacks, drinks, and several PS3 and Xbox 360 stations with Midway Arcade Origins set up to play.

Developer Backbone Entertainment crammed over 30 classic Midway arcade games onto the Midway Arcade Origins disc, and the package launches next Tuesday for $29.99.

Warner Bros. offered modest prizes for the high scorers in Joust and a couple other games in the form of retro propaganda-style posters. In between sucking at retro games, we chatted with a developer from Backbone, who expressed a great deal of pride in the faithfullness of the 30 ports included in Arcade Origins, as well as the art that accompanies each game on the screen, often inspired by the original arcade cabinets themselves.

For old school arcade game fans, Midway Arcade Origins is definitely worth checking out. Here's all the games that are included (do we count 31?), followed by the game's trailer and intro video, created by the talented folks at iam8bit.

  • 720
  • APB
  • Arch Rivals
  • Bubbles
  • Championship Sprint
  • Tournament Cyberball 2072
  • Defender
  • Stargate (listed as Defender II)
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet II
  • Joust
  • Joust 2
  • Marble Madness
  • Pit-Fighter
  • Rampage
  • Rampart
  • Robotron 2084
  • Root Beer Tapper
  • Satan's Hollow
  • Sinistar
  • Smash TV
  • Spy Hunter
  • Spy Hunter II
  • Super Off-Road
  • Super Sprint
  • Toobin'
  • Total Carnage
  • Vindicators Part II
  • Wizard of Wor
  • Xenophobe
  • Xybots

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