We may not have flying cars or homes that float in space, but we do have one of the futuristic machines from The Jetsons: A robotic maid that can cook. 

Meet CIROS, a 5'3" robot from Korea. It has wheels at its base and a Microsoft Kinect sensor in its head. CIROS is able to recognize and operate many common kitchen objects and utensils like microwaves, sinks, refrigerators, and knives.

To get around a kitchen (or any other room) without destroying it or itself, CIROS is equipped with six ultrasonic sensors and a pair of laser range finders. It can also recognize speech thanks to 12 built-in microphones. 

All of that makes CIROS pretty capable. It can hold tools and objects, poor drinks, load a dishwasher, and, as the above video demonstrates, slice cucumbers and make a salad. 

It may sound harmless, but we can't help but want to include CIROS on our list of robots that may kill us in the future. 

[via FWD, Technovelgy]