The Grand Theft Auto V deluge continued today with a slew of new details from a GameFAQs user who claimed to have an early copy of next month's Game Informer.

But let's not forget that today is the day that GTA V, releasing in Spring 2013, became available for pre-order.

Rockstar hasn't announced any retailer-specific pre-order bonuses yet, but in today's industry it would be a surprise if Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop didn't offer different incentives. So it may be wise to wait before laying down your $5.

As for the new details today, there are a few standout revelations, like the possibility of two playable character that you can switch between at will, and cameos from some GTA IV characters. These are only rumors though, and we won't know for sure whether they're true until the issue hits newsstands and we can confirm them ourselves.

What are you hoping for in Grand Theft Auto V? Will you pre-order it?