New York will be feeling the pain of Hurricane Sandy for a while. The city cancelled five public school days during the storm, dropping the total days of school below the mandated 180. To make up for lost time, the Department of Education has decided that it will sacrifice three days during the February winter break as make-up days for students and faculty. 

Hurricane Sandy closed schools for the week of October 29, so now February 20-22 of 2013 will become school days. According to the New York Times, "The city and unions have also agreed to convert a half-day in June into a full day." Here's what the Depart of Education had to say: 

"Teachers, principals and the school community made an extraordinary effort to get our schools back online after the storm, and by working together, we were able to open most schools with minimal disruption. It is just as important that we recover the time lost, and this agreement will provide students with additional class instruction."

Students and faculty alike better hope the snow is light this year.

[via Gothamist]