While we did name Dead Island's Sam B one of the most stereotypical characters in video games, you can't deny the dude has talent. And that's because the real talent behind the character (and this promotional song for Dead Island: Riptide, "No Room in Hell") is rapper Josef "J7" Lord. Lord wrote the song along with Christopher H. Knight and Haris Orkin, and Knight produced. The special appearance from Chamillionaire in the video doesn't hurt, either.

In the game's world, Sam B is a one-hit wonder who shot to fame after the success of his single "Who Do You Voodoo" and then promptly disappeared on the zombie-infested island of Banoi.

Oh, and nice job with the Romero reference—there's "No Room in Hell," so the dead are walking the tropical paradise. We get it.

[via Joystiq]

Correction: This post originally credited Chamillionaire as the sole talent behind the Sam B. persona. The article has been updated to reflect reality.