Amanda Bynes isn't in jail... yet. Which means she needs something to do. So while Chris Brown was leaving Twitter, Bynes was returning. And joining Instagram in the process.

"My phone got taken twice but I got it back & am waiting to get reverified," she wrote in her only update (Nov. 23). "I love my fans! Xox Follow me on instagram I'm amandabynes4386 :)"

She already has over 283,000 Twitter followers on her new account and has uploaded a few photos. Before she stopped tweeting she was one of the more entertaining celebrities to follow, typically posting her thoughts and opinions uncensored by her handlers. Perhaps that's the reason why her phone was taken away. Whatever the case, we're sort of glad she's back. Now she just needs to write more.

Will she tell Joe La Puma, Complex's Director of Content Strategy, that he's "fucking hot" again?

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[via Buzzfeed]