Starred: Mark Addy, Jami Gertz, Taylor Ball, Renee Olstead, Jennifer Irwin, Joel Murray

On an episode of Louie, Louis C.K. poked fun at the well-worn situational formula of the wise-cracking fat guy who's generally disagreeable toward his exhausted, much hotter and out-of-his-league wife (kids optional). It's true, that formula is an over-done trope, but we're willing to go with it...provided the fat guy is actually funny. We could probably film a normal, real-life couple's banter, unedited, and it would be funnier than Mark Addy and Jami Gertz's chemistry or lack thereof.

As the Miller family, Addy was merely fat, and Jami Gertz was nowhere near hot enough to make us force a laugh, or even stay on the channel. Add in some wholly unremarkable children, and you have a sitcom most of the country forgot existed yet somehow ran for four years. We blame the Bible Belt.