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Director: Dick Powell
Stars: John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, Pedro Amrendariz, John Hoyt, Thomas Gomez

Genghis Khan's story could make for a truly badass movie one day, if a director like John Woo, Takashi Miike, or even Neil Marshall can get his hands on the right script (hell, we're intrigued by RZA tackling the subject). Khan, born Temujin, both launched and forcibly ruled over the Mongol Empire through brutality, masterful command, and the heavy spilling of blood, all of which is just waiting to be put on film and done its proper justice. Until then, however, Khan's legacy will continue to be tarnished by good old John Wayne.

Years after The Conqueror debuted and was quickly dismissed, Wayne went on record saying that he only took the role out an obligation to friend, and producer, Howard Hughes, which explains why the iconic actor's performance is an absolute snooze. One of history's most colorful and notoriously bombastic figures gets diminished into a lifeless parody.

Think about it: You've got John Wayne, who's regarded as the ultimate American movie star, playing the decidedly un-American Genghis Khan. "Casting fail" doesn't even begin to cover it.