Honey Ryder: "What are you doing here? Looking for shells?"
James Bond: "No, I'm just looking."

Played By: Ursula Andress
Movie: Dr. No (1962)
Fun Fact: Andress won a Golden Globe for her role despite having her voice dubbed by another actress.

Ursula Andress was the first and the quintessential Bond girl. The image of Honey Ryder emerging from the sea in a white swimsuit singing "Underneath the Mango Tree" (which was later recreated by Halle Berry wearing an orange bikini in Die Another Day) has become one of the most iconic bikini moments of all time. Ryder wasn't just a bubbly beach comber though, she had no qualms about pulling knives on men, slipping a black widow into someone's mosquito net to have revenge, or helping Bond evade the nefarious nuclear scientist Dr. No's men.