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A woman in Mesquite, TX has been charged after posting a picture of an undercover narcotics officer on Facebook, claiming that he was trying to infiltrate a drug ring. 30-year-old Melissa Walthall posted the picture on October 7 with the message "Undercover Mesquite Narcotics" and asked "Anyone know this b****?"

Walthall told police that she posted the picture after seeing it on a flier made by friends facing drug charges. She was arrested, as her actions caused a serious threat to the officer's safety.

Authorities have identified the man who made the flier as 34-year-old George Pickens (second photo). He was assisted by his 26-year-old brother Bobby Stedham. Pickens is currently facing weapons charges after a sawed-off shotgun and meth were found in his possession. Stedham has been charged with retaliation.

[via Daily Mail UK]