Tired of copping calendars with models and exotic cars? No? Oh, well, carry on. The rest of you should check out a new service from Printstagram that allows you to make calendars made up of your favorite Instagram photos.

Printstagram is the company that takes your Instagram photos and prints 'em out on nice paper, or makes a nice little photo book for you to display around the crib. The new service, like all the company's others, is simple to use: You choose from one of three calendar templates (image 7), log in to your Instagram account, and pick the photos you want to use. 

The finished product is a calendar that allows you to tear-off each day and, according to the company, "decorate your walls, use them as notecards, or give them away to the special people around you." And like Printstagram's other products, the calendars are printed on paper that "is thicker than most tear-off calendars, giving the images a nice weight and feel." 

A calendar with 365 photos will cost you $40 and you can order one now from the Prinstagram site. 

[via High Snobiety]