When NBA Golden State Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes stopped by 2K's offices to shoot an unboxing video for the "Dynasty Edition" of NBA 2K 13, the developers would have probably never guessed that he'd simply run out with the game. We mean, surely they would have just given him a copy?

Not that we wouldn't have done the same thing. And we would have made sure the camera man was in on it, too, so the video wouldn't end up on Youtube like this.

The NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition comes with the All-Star DLC pack (presented by Sprite), an full-sized NBA 2K13-themed Spalding basketball from Art of Basketball,  2K Sports "Ink’d earbuds" from Skullcandy, and a basketball-textured controller skin from Skinit—plus the full game, of course—all for $99.

Will you opt for the standard or Dynasty edition when the game drops tomorrow?