Nearly a month ago, a 29-year-old man and 53-year-old woman were abducted from their home in Newport Beach, CA, tortured, and left to die in the Mojave Desert. 33-year-old Kyle Shirakawa Handley was arrested in connection with the crime on October 6, but two other suspects remain at large. A neighbor saw three men unload a ladder from a truck and pretend to work on the home back on October 1. Now police are convinced that Handley and the other two men were responsible for the kidnapping.

After being taken, both victims were bound with zip ties and tortured. The man was doused with bleach, burned, and had his penis partially severed. Police believe that money and medical marijuana were the triggers for the attack. Handley had plead not guilty to charges of torture, aggravated assault, burglarism, and kidnapping for ransom.

[via The Huffington Post]