Like the majestic Snow Goose of the north, the fall is a time of migration for comic book fans. But they won’t be rummaging for warmer weather; rather, they’ll be traveling to Manhattan for the annual New York Comic-Con, the Big Apple's biggest sci-fi/fantasy/geek convention. It’s the decadent and overcrowded place where every major comic publisher, video game developer, and movie studio head tries to unveil the next big things.

Between the countless comic announcements, the hours of exclusive TV and movie footage shown, and the millions of dollars of merchandise sold, there's almost too much going on for one person to fully experience. Fortunately, Complex is here to help. Prefacing our week-long coverage from the convention's floor, here's an advance look at The 10 Things We’re Most Excited About At New York Comic-Con.

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Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)