With society placing an ever-increasing importance on intelligence, it’s no surprise that nerd culture has slowly become revered. The once-reviled image of the basement dwelling geek who spends all of their time playing video games has been exchanged for a new and far more desirable image. As with any cultural shift though, this rise in nerdy acceptance has given way to a whole category of people who’ve glommed onto the tropes of the culture as a status symbol.

Being one of the oldest and easiest subsets of geek culture to enter, gaming has become a focus point for those seeking to adopt this new image and it can be hard to pick out the posers from the true dweebs. It’s not hard to find a significant other who claims to be interested in your favourite past-time, but there are some sure-fire signs that they’re doing it for the prestige rather than for the love of the game.

There are plenty more reasons why someone would pretend to be more interested in games than they actually are (maybe they just desperately want to share an interest with you), but it can be pretty frustrating to date someone who’s only acting the part when you thought you’d found a perfect match. While the following list isn’t a hard and fast guide to sussing out a fake gamer, it should help you decipher whether or not your sweetheart is in fact a gaming enthusiast or just posturing; apologies in advance to any posers who get ousted by it.