Tokyo Jungle is about as awesome as its premise sounds—take control of dozens of different animals in an arcadey and challenging post-apocalypse Tokyo, hunting, hiding and screwing, while you wonder what happened to all the humans.

But despite awesome gameplay, it looks like a PS2 game, so it's a shame that there's no PS Vita version (yet). In the meantime, a compromise is on its way in the form of remote play—the PlayStation function that lets you play PS3 games on your PS Vita via Wi-Fi. The PS3 processes the game, and the Vita displays it and sends your inputs back to the PS3. It's neat.

And it's perfect for the Vita. So when is the functionality coming to Tokyo Jungle?

"We are preparing for PS Vita Remote Play patch for Tokyo Jungle NA and EU versions," tweeted Sony President Shuhei Yoshida this week. "Please wait a bit for the release timing info."

So there you have it. Personally, we can't wait. Watch out for our full review of Tokyo Jungle soon.

[via GameFaqs]

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