Some people might claim that what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does in front of the camera and inside of the wrestling ring is pure fantasy, but there is nothing fake about this story from The Sun. According to the website, while Johnson was on the set for Fast and Furious 6, he noticed some young hooligans across the street trying to break into a padlocked van filled with expensive movie equipment.

Instead of waiting idly by for security, Johnson sprung into action and chased off the would-be thieves. Wearing a bulletproof vest and brandishing a fake FBI badge for his role in the movie, the massive actor was likely the most terrifying sight these kids have ever witnessed.

“It was so funny. The Rock looked like an action hero because he had his flak jacket on and an FBI badge in his hand,” a source told the site. “All of a sudden there was loads of gunfire and this giant dressed as a copper was about to mow them down. The lads jumped out of their skin and scarpered down the canal path and left the crew in peace.”

Next time these kids try to steal expensive production equipment, they better make sure John Goodman is the star of the movie.

[via The Sun]