Sleepers: Brad Pitt, Brad Renfro, et al.

There are definitely six degrees to Kevin Bacon's creepiness in Barry Levinson's 1996 film, which is based on a book by Lorenzo Carcaterra that may or may not be a true story. The film features a quartet of childhood friends who, after a careless accident, are sent to the worst home for wayward boys since Oliver Twist (actually, worse—the only thing Oliver had to deal with was not getting more porridge). The film is split between the four boys' childhood and the period of time when they are reunited as adults after two of them seek revenge against Bacon's less-than-lovely character. Brad Pitt, Jason Patric, Ron Eldard and Billy Crudup play the adult versions of the crew, with Joe Perrino, the late Brad Renfro, Geoffrey Wigdor and Jonathan Tucker (who later became a fave of director Paul Haggis) portraying their respective childhood versions.