We figured it outJoyce Coffey just likes to get arrested. Coffey was arrested four times over a 26 hour period in New Hampshire this week, largely because of her love for AC/DC. Oh, and then there was a little incident involving a frying pan, but that's nothing. She was first arrested on Tuesday for blasting "Highway to Hell," despite being warned by police. She was arrested again later that night for loud music, and maybe even playing the same song.

She was arrested a third time at the ass-crack of dawn on Wednesday morning for, yup, more loud music. Her fourth and final arrest came after she threw a frying pan at her nephew as he tried to move some of his belongings out of her house. She was finally taken to jail on Friday, where, much to her dismay, she will not be able to listen to AC/DC.

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[via Gawker]