An innocent mistake led to a full-blown riot that in the town of Haren. 16-year-old Merthe Weusthuis accidentally made a Facebook event that was supposed to be a small gathering at her home public, and it drew roughly 5,000 people. A bunch of people she didn't even know began a Project X-inspired campaign, branding it "Project X Haren." T-shirts were made displaying her face (without her consent), and attempts to call the party of failed miserably.

The party was a disaster. Various stores were vandalized, cars were set on fire and barracades were set up. Robert Bats, the mayor of Haren, was shocked and appalled. The saddest part of this debacle is that Weusthuis didn't even get to attend her own party because her mother whisked her away on a "safe retreat." Regardless, it's a birthday she'll never forget.

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[via Gawker]