Drunk people tend to do very stupid things. 23-year-old Maxine Romano was arrested in Springfield, MA for being obnoxiously drunk, then made matters even worse when she stabbed an officer with one of her high-heels while in custody. Romano, who owns a tanning salon, was sloppy drunk at the MVP Bar of a Sheraton Hotel when employees called the police after she began harassing other customers.

Officers Richard Rief and John Wajdula tried to send her home in a cab, but she rudely refused to leave unless they paid for her ride home. The nerve. After her disrespectful onslaught continued, she was taken into custody for trespassing. She bragged about her tanning salon and promised to have the officer's fired "by the morning." Liquid courage.

When they arrived at the police station, Rief and Wajdula had to help her sit down because she was too drunk. Already way up shit's creek, she decided to thrust the heel of one of her shoe's into Rief's leg. She denied the charges and was released under her own drunken recognizance.

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[via Daily Mail UK]