He might not be called the Green Arrow in the show, and the name of the city was changed from Star City to Starling City, but this new clip from The CW’s upcoming superhero drama, Arrow, proves that it has kept the tone and spirit of the character alive. In the DC comics, the Green Arrow is basically a spandex-clad Robin Hood. Unlike most heroes, he often battles for the rights of the lower and middle class, as opposed to fighting off alien threats. His bleeding heart is what separates him from the company's more godlike characters.  

In this clip from the show, we see Arrow (Stephen Amell) confront a shady businessman who seems to want to buy off the politicians of Starling City. Taking its cues from the recent Occupy Wall Street movement, it looks like Arrow has it out for the corrupt members of high-society.

Arrow will debut on The CW on October 10.

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[via EW]