First appearance: Brave and the Bold #57 (1965)

With the ability to shape-shift and transform himself into any element found in the human body, Metamorpho should make for the subject of a pretty cool sci-fi flick. That would be the case if not for the fact that he has been so severely underutilized over the years that even the most hardcore of comic book fans would find it hard to muster the motivation to see him up on the screen.

The problem lies here: In recent decades, Metamorpho has merely been a spectator in the DC Universe. Sure, he was part of some Justice League teams and The Outsiders, but so has everyone else in the world of DC, so that’s nothing too impressive to put on your resume. And since DC’s New 52 reboot, Metamorpho has been again pushed to the side in favor of more high-profile characters. It looks like it will be a long time before he’s thrust back in the spotlight and worthy of his own film.