Parent series: Three's Company

Thirsty executives at ABC tried to squeeze blood from the stone not once but twice with the Three's Company franchise. First, they forgot that viewers only watched the show for comedian John Ritter's antics (and pull game) alongside his two hot roommates (Joyce DeWitt and Insert Hot Blonde), and assumed audiences would be interested in the senior citizen exploits of ex-landlord Mr. Roper and his randy wife. Surprise: They weren't.

Then, once Three's Company ended, they went the sequel route, following Ritter's Jack Tripper and his boo, Vicky, who was introduced during the final season of the original series. There was just one problem: Viewers wanted to see Jack the Tripper out here crushing these hos, not 'cuffed up.

Not to mention, the normal, domestic man and woman sitcom had more "sit" and way less "com" compared to Jack bouncing off of two platonic lady-friends. We see why they thought a sequel with Tripper would be a slam dunk, but the right pieces weren't in place.