Parent series: That '70s Show

Sometimes we really wonder if a bunch of chimps would make smarter decisions than the network brass that green-light pointless crap like this. Apparently the suits at FOX figured That '70s Show was winning not because it had a great, hilarious cast, but because we were all just oh so in love with the series' other main character: the setting.

The decade informs the show, obviously, but FOX found out the hard way that the novelty of a period piece wears off quickly when it's got nothing else going for it. While not technically a spin-off, That '80s Show retained the same basic formula, same writers, and none of the success, with a bland cast that couldn't match even half the hilarity of Fez, Kelso, or Red. And, quite frankly, Chyler Leigh is no Mila Kunis.