Parent series: CSI

You know those parodies of television cops on SNL and the like? Well, David Caruso sure does. One look at his ridiculous, insta-caricature performance in CSI: Miami and it would seem that he studies every trope and cliché to get into character. Over the procedural's run he even created a few of his own.

Nobody sits down in front of a cop procedural expecting HBO levels of character work but there is simply no reason to choose Miami over the original on any given day, not when Caruso is hamming it up like a bad open mic comedian with his crime scene one-liners, or strutting around the 305 and managing to be that rare douche who actually makes sunglasses seem uncool.

Ten-season run notwithstanding, the procedural wave was set back a few steps in respectability when Horatio and his crew set up shop.