Brittni Colleps's trial just took a turn for the worse. Jurors were shown a video of the former high school teacher having sex with four students—at the same damn time. Colleps was busted last May and charged with having sex with five of her students, although all of them were at least 18. 

The trouble began when Colleps and a student began exchanging text messages, which led to sexting, which led to sex. Soon, the sex led to group sex on camera. Worse, Colleps is married with three children. Here's her husband on the infidelity:

"I hope you will not pass judgment on her because you don't have all the facts or details according to this situation," he said. "I want you to know I love my wife. I have loved my wife since I laid eyes on her 11 years ago. I have always supported my wife and will continue to support her through this entire ordeal."

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[via Gawker]