OK, guys, listen up: Ryan Lochte's sister, Megan Lochte, would like everyone to know that she's not really the racist twerp we all thought she was after Jezebel uncovered video footage of an interview where she pretty much acts like a racist twerp - she was just joking. Glad that's solved.

In an apology sent to Us Weekly, Megan - who majored in Multicultural Marketing while attending school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County - said that the appearance was not a real interview, and she was just playing a character for the show.

Her statement:

This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever. The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways. The skit and my character were supposed to be making fun of ignorance.

I do see how it was highly offensive to the viewer, but as seen by today's widespread outrage, it clearly did increase awareness of the ignorance of those who are racist. While the intent of the script was to shed light on cultural ignorance, I realize that in application it did offend people, and for that I apologize.

You can check out the footage of the 2008 interview above. Do you guys think Megan's telling the truth? Sound off in the comments.

[via Us Weekly]