What is an entertainment super giant to do when one of their properties is sinking faster than the Hulk with a swimmer's cramp? PlayStation has recently posted an operating loss of almost 44 miliion dollars up till June 30th of this year, and most speculate that the Vita has had a healthy hand in inflating that number.

"Vita, however, is an utter flop." Journalist Rob Fahey continues, "A label I didn't want to apply hastily, but can it really be denied at this stage, even by the console's most dedicated fans? It's clear that if Sony wants to reverse that situation, it's going to have to accept deeper losses through a steep price cut, as well as significantly ramping up its software efforts."

It's a good point. With so many options available via mobile gaming and smart phones, even the most dedicated of gamers find the Vita more that lackluster. Handheld systems look to be going the way of the brontosaur. Take Temple Run, the unstoppably popular mobile game, for example; it has just hit the 100 million download mark and looks like it's not going to slow down anytime soon. With the portable gaming industry galloping towards a smart phone only world, what does the future hold for the handheld industry?