Netflix has a proven successful business model and Le Tote is using the rental blueprint of Netflix in a totally unrelated field, fashion. For $49 a month Le Tote allows ladies to "rent" outfits and shoes and return it at their own leisure. 

Interesting concept, no? Ladies can try out multiple outfits every month because there are no charges for shipping with Le Tote. There is one major down side to their rental service, though: You do not choose the actual outfit that you receive in the mail. Le Tote's stylists work closely with you for your first order then create a "style profile" to determine your future orders. 

Overall, there is a lot of value with Le Tote for frequent shoppers.  Le Tote is currently holding a private launch, sign up for Le Tote here and surprise your girlfriend with a trendy new outfit.

[Le Tote via Mashable]