God of War: Ascension, the upcoming PS3 exclusive with multiplayer and a rad collector's edition, will reportedly feature a different sort of Kratos than we're used to playing as.

In an interview with Polygon, lead designer Mark Simon said that the Kratos in Ascension hasn't yet declared death on everything that moves. He gives an example regarding a situation in which Kratos can either kill a helpless bystander or simply move around him; "He's not going to go massively out of his way or anything like that," Simon said, but in Ascension, he also won't kill the guy unless he has to.


"The ones that are killing the civilians are the beasts that he's fighting against, and we want to get back to that," Simon added. "Kratos is going to go in and fight those guys, so in a way he's more heroic for doing things like this. When the Juggernaut shows up, he kills three guys just like that, and Kratos runs in and fights this guy. That's the monster, in this game, not Kratos."

"I think you're going to see more of a human side to him," Simon said. "At this point in his life, he's not the uber-angry-godkiller. Something got him to that state. This is kind of the story of how somebody loses his humanity."

Are you excited to see a different side of Kratos, or do you prefer him as a murderous sociopath? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.