Calling a filmmaker a “hack,” or a “scrub,” or just downright “terrible” can feel both pretentious and unfair. Think about it, no matter how poor a piece of art is, one must assume that its creators worked on the project with at least some good intentions. Does anyone truly set out to make something that’s awful?

But what is there to do when, in terms of cinema, an “artist” releases nothing but mediocre to full-on bad work? Call them out for such ineffectual practices, of course. Hey, it might not feel good, but they’ve left passionate motion picture fans no other choice.

Recently, we compiled a list of 10 directors who have never made a bad movie, and, once it hit the net, many film lovers voiced their disagreements, approvals, and anger over names they felt should’ve been included. As tough as it was to find a dime’s worth of folks with impeccable filmographies, though, putting together the inverse list was even more difficult.

That’s why the offenders filling out the following rundown of 10 Directors Who Have Never Made A Good Movie are so (unfortunately for them) special. It takes an extraordinarily futile player to strike out every time at bat.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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