The newest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, will be in stores and available for download on September 25th, Blizzard announced today.

Mists of Pandaria, the fourth WoW expansion, adds an immense amount of content. Players will get access to a new character race, the Pandaren, and their homeland, adding a whole new continent to the game world. A new character class, the Monk, will also be available for new characters.

The expansion also adds a Pet battle system, bringing a little functionality to the game's pet collection system.

Most importantly for verteran WoW players, Mists of Pandaria raises the game's level cap from 85 to 90.

In addition to the standard retail version, which will cost $39.99, Blizzard announced the $59.99 "Digital Deluxe Edition" of the expansion, which will only be available via Battle.Net. The deluxe edition includes a special Quillen flying mount, a Quillen Cub pet, and customization options for both Starcraft II and Diablo III.

If you want all that stuff, but don't feel like buying the game online, there's also a fully-fledged Collector's Edition box-set coming to brick-and-mortar retailers. For $79.99, players get everything from the digital special edition, plus a behind-the-scenes DVD and Blu-Ray, a copy of the game's soundtrack, a 200+ page art book, and a Chen Stormstout mousepad.

Is Mists of Pandaria going to get you back into WoW? Tell what you think about the new features in the comments and on Twitter!

[Via Polygon]