If Kristen Saban's last name sounds familiar, it's because she's the daughter of University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban. Her name has been in the headlines recently, but not because of her father. The younger Saban is at the center of an University of Alabama sorority lawsuit that claims she pummeled a girl over a Facebook status. Is it ever that serious?

In August of 2010, Saban and "friend" Sarah Grimes were engaging in a power hour at local bar Rounders, where Saban's occasional boyfriend, "BV," was also present. Already angry that he wasn't paying a significant amount of attention to her, she got pissed off again while on the phone with him at home. This allegedly prompted her to sprawl out on the floor for a temper tantrum.

After Saban refused help from others, Grimes reportedly told her, "Kristen, please just shut up. We're all sick and tired of hearing it." This was common behavior for Saban,so Grimes added that she needed therapy. After storming into her bedroom, she went on Facebook and posted this: "No on e likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!"

Furious, Grimes decided to approach her, even though she'd been warned about Saban's violent nature. She allegedly told another girl, Courtney, "Well, if she touches me, I'll kill her." Saban heard her, and decided to prove her right. Here's a play-by-play of the beatdown that followed:

31. Kristen immediately used both of her hands and shoved Sarah into the corner of Courtney's open door, slamming Sarah's head.

32. Sarah defended herself by pushing Kristen into the opposite wall, saying "Don't touch me."

32. Kristen proceeded to punch Sarah Grimes multiple times in her head and nose, and to pull Sarah's hair, even though Kristen knew that Sarah had really bad migraines from a prior head injury from an automobile accident.

33. By this time Meghan, who was outside in the parking lot, heard the yelling and ran upstairs.

34. Sarah screamed "I'm calling the cops!"

35. Kristen's grip on Sarah's hair prevented Sarah from getting away and they moved down the hall toward the kitchen as Sarah tried to get away.

36. After multiple blows to Sarah's face, Hannah intervened and tried to pull Kristen away but was unable to do so due to Kristen's grip of Sarah's hair and Kristen refused to stop hitting Sarah.

37. The screaming woke up Beth Terry, who immediately jumped in to help pull Kristen off from behind (Beth's shirt was ripped and stained with Sarah's blood).

38. It took both Beth Terry and Hannah Muncher to pull Kristen off of Sarah.

39. Once Kristen stopped hitting Sarah, Sarah saw a large amount on blood on the wood floor.

40. Sarah looked down and noticed a great amount of blood was running down her chest and into her bra.

41. Sarah felt her nose and realized that the blood was coming from it.

So, the secret is out. Kristen Saban is the sorority version of Becky "Icebox" O'Shea from Little Giants.

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[via Gawker]