Don’t disrespect that copper money. A 35-year-old joke turned into one tedious payment as a Massachusetts man paid off his mortgage with 800 pounds of pennies. Back in April, Thomas Daigle showed up to Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association to make the final payment on the home he and his wife purchased back in 1977. Because he’s obviously a “born stunna,” he made the payment in two 400-pound boxes containing more than 62,000 pennies.

The penny-wise Daigle reportedly wanted to make the last payment “memorable,” so he started randomly saving, counting them and rolling them up. His wife would laugh at him, but it looks like his obsession paid off quite literally. Now, in light of Daigle making it rain with pennies, listen to “Pennies” by the Cool Kids. It’s only right.

[via The Huffington Post]