How long before enough is enough? Registered sex offender Giovanni Verdelli, 60, was busted in Jersey City on Monday after a woman snapped a picture of him following groping incidents on on June 30 and July 3. That’s already vile, but the true absurdity is that it was the Brooklyn native’s 169th arrest.

Though most of his priors were not sex crimes—think drug possession and hopping turnstiles—that’s still ridiculous. Verdelli, who resembles a creeped-out, grizzled Will Ferrell, was added to sex offender registry after groping a woman on a NYC subway train, yielding a conviction for forcible touching. That basically equals charges of criminal sex contact in Jersey.

Verdelli was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact, and faces up to 18 months for each charge. True to his history, he also had weed on him when they busted him. Dude just can’t get right, it’s that simple.

[via Gothamist]

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