Amazon is stepping up its assault on the digital music industry. The online retailer today announced a new music-match service that will scan users computers for music files and create a copy that will be stored in the Cloud Player. 

According to Reuters, Amazon signed deals with hundreds of music labels and publishers including "Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music, VivendiSA's Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group," that allows them to "create new versions of customers' digital music files." 

Similar to iTunes Match, which was launched by Apple in 2011, the Amazon service would "match" any song purchased from the Amazon MP3 Store for free. It will also create copies of 250 songs not purchased from Amazon for free, but after that users will have to pay $25 to match up to 250,000 foreign music files. 

The songs stores in the cloud will available for use with any Internet-connected device: Kindle Fires, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. 

[via Reuters]