In 2009, some kids from flyover country minced down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever" and, curiously, the video got 80M YouTube hits. Since weddings are as much about competition as they are everlasting love, nowadays every ceremony has their hackneyed attempt at going viral.

We don't mean to hate on a clip that's touched a lot of people, but let's talk about something right quick. First, not sure it was a great idea to frolic down the aisle in the name of love to a Chris Brown song. The guy tried to murder his girlfriend, like, three months prior.

Second, this in't very original, right? We've been to a million weddings and—like clockwork—someone, at some point throws on a pair of shades and dances about like a jerk-off. Maybe not down the aisle, but for sure while introducing the wedding party and undoubtedly on the dance floor. Think about it. Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" is playing and drunk Uncle Joel is doing the Thriller dance in a pair of polarized wrap-arounds. Like a karaoke song, it's fun for thirty seconds. After that, it's embarrassing.

A moment's significance is not measured by YouTube hits. If it were, "Charlie Bit My Finger" would be our generation's Berlin Wall. You're probably not funny or clever. Just playing the odds on that one. So, don't ruin a wedding with a lame stunt.