Besides wireless carrier and platform, the biggest decision phone buyers must make is whether or not they can do without a physical keyboard. Most of the best smartphones now do away with the physical QWERTY in favor of thinness less moving parts. However, Co.Design is reporting that a startup has created a way to deliver the best of both worlds. 

From Co. Design

"A startup called Tactus Technology has developed a thin “Tactile Layer” that sits on top of touchscreens in place of the normal surface (it’s no thicker). The Tactile Layer is comprised of fluid-filled microchannels which, on command, can alter fluid pressure and redirect the liquid to create blister-like buttons. And it’s remarkably power efficient." 

The company used an iPhone for its first tests and walked away with remarkable results, but according to the people at Tactus Technology the "tactile layer" will be able to work with any touchscreen gadget.

Head over to Co.Design to learn more.  

[via Co.Design]