Bath salts are nothing new, but it seems like the more frequently they appear in the news, the more people do them. A 41-year-old woman was arrested in Utica, N.Y., for attempting to feast on a cop after ingesting the drug. Authorities were summoned to Stanley's Bar after reports of an "emotional[ly] disturbed person." What they got was a very angry (and hungry) one.

They found the woman sitting alone in a stairwell, sweating uncontrollably and in a daze. When an officer approached her, she snapped out of her trance, lunged at him and tried to bite him. Police were finally able to subdue her, but she still decided to share her need to eat and murder someone.

The woman was taken to St. Luke's Hospital, where it was determined that bath salts were the trigger for her ravenous behavior. Apparently, it's going to take someone else being eaten alive for people to retire bath salts.

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[via Village Voice]