Diablo 3 has lifted a restriction that previously prevented new, unverified digital buyers from passing level 13 or the game's first Act for up to three days.

Blizzard previously claimed that the restriction, which was added in patch 1.0.3, was in fact a feature to help prevent credit card fraud, but they've now claimed that it was an unintended consequence of that patch.

There are still other features in place to restrict recent digital buyers, including no public games, no auction house access, no trading items or dropping them for other players, no public or game channel chat, no custom message on friend requests, and no Global Play.

Like the previous level/progress cap, these can last up to 72 hours while Blizzard verifies the credit card that was used for the digital purchase.

Do you think the restrictions are necessary? Should they have removed the temporary level cap? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]