Cute Things Dying Violently apparently serves as both this game's title and its description, as the trailer above displays many cute things dying violently.

ApathyWorks' hit Xbox LIve Indie game is being ported to PC, and the news today is that it's got a release date: July 17 for $2.99 via Desura, IndieCity, and Indievania.

It'll come with 60 core levels, 6 challenge stages, 24 achievements, and a full level editor. Level sharing and more in-game objects are planned for a future free update, which will hit both the PC and Xbox versions.

Can you imagine how confused we were by these headlines before we realized Cute Things Dying Violently was the name of a game? "Cute Things Dying Violently on PC Soon" doesn't sound like a website we want to go to.

But it does look like a game we want to play. And you? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter.

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