Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Console: Nintendo 64
Idea Change: Overhaul

Complex Says: What if this game was more epic? Is that even possible? Well if the 64DD existed then it would have been. Nintendo had huge plans for the 64DD that would be played in conjunction with the Nintendo 64. The 64 Disk Drive would allow for games to have more memory, which would extend the game’s capability. The plan was to have Ocarina of Time played with the 64DD to create the game Ura Zelda (tentative title.) Unfortunately, the game had to be cut down immensely though the cartridge was used to its fullest extent.

The 64DD would have an internal clock and image editing which would play into your quest, for example if you were to cut down bushes, it would stay that way for the rest of your quest. The world would evolve during your quest. Hearsay raised thoughts and rumors like perhaps Hyrule would play in real-time as opposed to the 3-minute days that OoT had.

The beta version of OoT is Zelda 64, which had full 3D worlds, new enemies, gave Link the ability to jump, and includes a scene where you can obtain the Triforce like past Zelda games. Ura Zelda, however, resembled OoT (since they were to be played together), and would feature more weapons, more enemies, and more temples. Teams of hackers are working on restoring the game, and so far have images of new temples – the Ice Temple and the Wind Temple – as well as a new look for one of the Great Fairies.

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